Saturday, May 26, 2012

A lazy 10k with a baby

I went for a nice lazy ride with the baby today to visit some music stores. I have this urge to get another slide for my guitar. Maybe ceramic or something similar? I visited 3 stores of which 1 was still open. I hate how most stores outside of bars, pubs, and restaurants close so early on weekends. Most are done at 2pm.

DST: 12.19km
AVS: 13.2km/h
TM: 0:55:35

Running total: 142.62km

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Past the 100

Finally went out on the usual route, one that I've been going on for a few years now. Weather was great, bike worked pretty good (although I think I have some sort of issue with my left pedal.) So, without further ado:

DST: 15.24 km
AVS: 21.8 km/h
TM: 00:42:01
MXS: 43.7 km/h (woot!)

And the running total is 116.98 km!

Monday, May 7, 2012

First 10k (treadmill)

In honour of my sister's first half-marathon I thought I'd do a 10k. It was on a treadmill though. I've never trained for a 10k, and I know, a bit impulsive, but I'm like that. I ended up with a time of 1h08minutes...and a bit of pain in the knees of course, but nothing unbearable. I also managed to listen to the entire A Different Kind of Truth album by Van Halen.

The run felt great yet extremely tiring. Thank God the gym had minimal traffic on Sunday because I wasn't the prettiest site, haha. The album was ok. I'm not a super huge fan of VH but the album was a lot of rock in these sad times of pop and whatever.

Friday, May 4, 2012

All Parts Are Go

I think the bike is now fully prepped for the season. I've replaced the bottom bracket, chain, rear cassette, and rear inner tube. I've also greased up the ball bearings both front and back wheels and cleaned the rear derailleur. The batteries in my rear light are still good and I've got 3 AAA's ready to go into the front light. And to top it all off I bought a bike stand, the kind that supports the rear wheel by latching onto the axle (which makes derailleur adjustments a joy to do).

I've also finally set up both derailleurs which I find an annoying task because each year I have to consult with Google on how to do it and yet when I finally learn how to do it I feel stupid because it's such an easy thing to do.

Today's ride was a little short of 14 clicks as I already had a few logged from the past few days but didn't put them up here. We (because it was a family ride) made it just in time before a storm.

ODO: 61.15km
DST: 24.04km
MXS: 36.1km/h

Monday, April 30, 2012

First flat of 2012

Yes, I'm awesome. The first flat on the first click of the day. And the 20 minute walk home because 1. I couldn't find the flat 2. My handpump didn't work.

Oh God, this season's gonna be a long one.

ODO: 37.04km (running total)
DST: 21.91km
MXS: 36.1km/h

There were lots of errands today around the city. Passports, bike parts, xrays, etc. I bought an under-the-seat bag for my tools and stuff as the quick-release for the child seat essentially removed my previous mini-pack. I bought a shirt as well because the previous one I had mysteriously became too small for me. The wife's bike needed a new chain too.

Man, maintaining a bike is expensive too.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Day of the Season!

Running total  - 14.44km
MXS (max speed) - 24.4km/h

And today's ride was with a child seat! Great ride too ;)